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From High Fashion to 'Frankenweenie': An Interview with Mandy Smith, Paper Sculptor Artist and sculptor Mandy Smith uses paper as her preferred medium, one which is surprisingly diverse and allows her to build the most incredibly detailed and high-rising mansions, movie sets, and musical instruments, all stemming from a single dimension. Smith has worked with the art department behind Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, and other clients include Coca-Cola, Toyota, and Purex. When we first found Mandy's work, it was because of a series of hilariously uncomfortable sandpaper goods: a bikini, toilet paper roll, a playground slide, and other things that wouldn't feel great. We spoke with Mandy about her work, and why she's so drawn to paper.
'Limitations are Very Liberating': An Interview with Sam Kalda, Narrative Illustrator Sam Kalda is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, graphic designer, and cat whiskers-collector with a portfolio we loved for its lovely combinations of narrative storytelling and flat design. Clients include papers and journals like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Popular Mechanics, The Washington Post, and others, but Sam's portfolio retains a sense of playfulness and features many characters from literary classics, just for fun. We interviewed Sam recently about how Bob Ross got him on the path to illustration, and what is perhaps my favorite ever ongoing series, Men and Cats.
Drawing the Dictionary: An Interview with the Wordsmiths behind Lexigrams Lexigrams are cards that feature the most interesting, strange, and entertaining words in the English language, by illustrating their definitions. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn some of the most mischievous members of the dictionary, but you'll also get to see some pretty hilarious illustrations. Oh, and some of the illustrations involve some playful cartoon nudity, because these words are for the orally experienced. We spoke with the creators of Lexigrams, Veronika Hecko Wu and Albert Wu, to learn more about this creative endeavor. 
Famous Faces in Focus: An Interview with Renowned Celebrity Photographer, Andy Gotts Andy Gotts is a celebrity photographer best known for his magnum opus, Degrees, a collection of 300 black and white portraits of celebrities and figures in the public eye.
Dance, Movement, and Light: An Interview with Photographer Ed Flores Ed Flores calls himself a "movement photographer." His unique style captures both the artistry and the physical exertion of dance. We spoke with him about his inspiration and technique.
Innovators of the Southwest: Bercy Chen Architecture Studio Bercy Chen Design Studio is a young architecture firm located in Austin, Texas. Former classmates Thomas Bercy and Calvin Chen founded the company in 2001 and have since built private residences, commercial buildings and designed concepts for resorts, museums and entire areas of redevelopment. Their work has won them over twenty awards and clientele from around the world.

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