Manel Anoro: Stories and Colors

There are stories–some are secret.

Manel Anoro.


In my house, when I was a kid, we talked a lot about colors and little about religion. Fortunately.

Who you admire and who has influenced you are two different things.

No one controls who influences you.


I can say I admired the Catalan painters, Mir, Miró, Casas…or Gauguin or Matisse,

but you end up discovering how much you’ve been influenced by the comics of your childhood or the stockings of your cousin…


I like physical things: mountains, rocks, women and men. I love physical reality.

The ideas in the heads of these men and women I like less.


When someone tells me he wants to express something that is within,

I recommend for him not to paint but to talk!

I have painted on every continent except Oceania.

All countries, all landscapes are good for a good painter.

A painter who only knows how to paint landscapes beside his house is a potato.


I just ask that no people are bothering me.

It is very difficult to paint in some African countries, people are too close…

I need some distance.

I like talking to them when the painting is finished.

It’s inevitable. Reality pushes you, and you fall in love, as in films!


The best feeling I get is when I look at the picture I have just painted and think success.

I sit and look at three meters for ten minutes…or twenty.

Then I go to dinner happy.


I try to enjoy “the hours.”

The hours painting, looking, laughing, arguing with my wife,

I like all that…”the hours,”

the most important thing in life.


Learn more and see more paintings at Manel Anoro’s web site.



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